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Black Bruin Motors

Black Bruin LSHT
Black Bruin LSHT radial piston motor line offers two series of motors: the classic BB  and advanced BBC.
The Freewheeling Motor

Both models feature the unmatched mechanical freewheeling. This superb feature makes the Black Bruin the option to choose for any drive application requiring high freewheel speeds.

Compact Wheel Hub Motor
Being descended from a radial piston motor originally designed to be a wheel hub, Black Bruin motor is a perfect and compact fit to any wheel. Equipped with a caliber disc brake, Black Bruin offers the shortest wheel drive package with a brake in the marketplace.
Customer Driven Motors – from engineering to end user

Let our product line grow to meet Your needs: if you can not find the exact fit from our existing line of motors, bring the challenge to us and we will give our best to provide a solution for You.

Black Bruin BB-Motors
The Original Freewheeling Low Speed High Torque Motor

– Smooth start and excellent low speed operating characteristics in compact size

– Caliber-, drum- and several multi-disc brake options

– Mechanical freewheeling

– Flexible engineering

– A solid selection for a variety of applications


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