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PLC Mitsubishi Electric Types

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are microprocessor-based devices used to control industrial processes or machines. They provide advanced functions, including analog monitoring, control and high speed motion control as well as share data over communication networks.


Power Supply Unit series: A1S61PN, A1S62PN, A1S63P

CPU Base Unit series: A1S32B, A1S33B, A1S35B, A1S38B

Input Module series: A1SX10, A1SX20, A1SX30, A1SX40

Input/Output Module series: A1SH42, A1SX48Y

Output Module series: A1SY10, A1SY14, A1SY18

MITSUBISHI MELSEC Input Module I/O cables with connectors for I/O modules with 40-pin connector specifications A1SX41, A1SX42, A1SY41, A1SY42, etc. or 37-pin D-sub connector specifications A1SX81, A1SY81, A1SY81EP are available.

MITSUBISHI – Battery A6BAT ER17330V PLC Battery. This is 1 cell lithium battery designed for Mitsubishi A1FXCPU Robot Control, A, A1S, A2S, AnS PLCs, Q Series Motion Control programmable logic and industrial computers.

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