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We are a leading suplier in Industrial automation, electrical equipments and spare part for industry, mining and construction. For further info do not hesitate to contact our sales team KLIK IN HERE>> or send an email to: beyond.sales8@gmail.com

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Yaskawa Servo Motor

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YASKAWA Servo Motor

  • Sigma-V Series SGMJV
  • SGDV Servopack from 50W to 5 kW
yaskawa_inverter_j1000drive yaskawa_a1000_inverter yaskawa_inverter_vsmini yaskawae7inverter

Yaskawa Servo SGDF Sigma Mini

Yaskawa Servo SGDF Sigma Mini amplifier is an ultra compact all-digital amplifier designed for use with Sigma Mini motors. The Sigma Mini amplifier is available in 10 or 20 watts with input voltage of 24 VDC. Options include an analog input version for torque or speed control or a pulse input version for position control.

Yaskawa Sigma FSP

Yaskawa Sigma FSP is an expansion of the Sigma II Series servo system. FSP stands for Flexible ServoPack and is built on the proven Sigma II SGDH amplifier power platform. This amplifier provides built-in position control for simple indexing applications, electronic gearing, and cam profile following, in addition to the standard analog and pulse input of the Sigma II Series. The FSP positioning mode employs Yaskawa’ s latest generation of real-time adaptive tuning, which dramatically reduces following error and settling time. FlexWorks, the FSP setup software, features single-button auto-tuning, digital oscilloscope, FFT mechanical analysis, and wizard set-up for amplifier mode, units, and I/ O. Yaskawa serial encoder feedback is standard providing customers with automatic motor recognition for combinations with all Sigma II rotary and linear servomotors. An optional model provides the capability to drive non-Yaskawa servomotors with industry standard A-B quadrature feedback.

Yaskawa SGDH Sigma II

Yaskawa Sigma II Amplifier is the ultimate servo solution for your automation needs. A single platform covers 30 watts to 55 kW and input voltages of 110, 230 and 480 VAC. The Sigma II amplifier can be set to torque, speed, or position control. A single-axis controller and a variety of network interface modules can be attached to the amplifier for the utmost flexibility. The Sigma II amplifier utilizes serial encoder technology to automatically recognize Sigma II rotary and linear servomotors. Advanced algorithms provide high performance tuning and suppression of machine resonance. A built-in keypad and serial port allow easy set-up and monitoring of the servo system. SigmaWin and SigmaWin Plus software can be used to capture torque, speed, and command references and SigmaWin Plus Professional can perform FFT and machine simulations.

Yaskawa Servo SGDF Sigma Mini

The Sigma Mini amplifier is an ultra compact all-digital amplifier designed for use with Sigma Mini motors. The Sigma Mini amplifier is available in 10 or 20 watts with input voltage of 24 VDC. Options include an analog input version for torque or speed control or a pulse input version for position control.

Yaskawa SGDG Legend

The LEGEND SGDG amplifier is an economical solution for torque-control applications which utilize the speed and position loop of the SMC-4000 controller. The LEGEND-MC SMC-3010 can be attached to the amplifier for single-axis positioning applications. Plug-and-play cables for Sigma II linear and rotary servomotors and SMC-4000 controllers make start-up and installation easy. Serial encoder technology allows the amplifier to automatically recognize the motor. The LEGEND amplifier is available in four sizes from 100 watts to 1.5 kW with input voltage from 90-253 VAC.


• All-in-one model ( speed, torque, and position control)
• PC monitoring function available including graphical tuning and file storage
• Higher bandwidth response ( 400Hz speed loop frequency response)
• Multi-axis communication provided as standard
• Input: 200-230VAC 50/ 60Hz 1 phase 0.82 Amps
• Output: 0-230VAC 3 phase 0.44 Amps 0.03 KW 0.04 Hp
• Dimensions: 6.3 x 5.2 x 2.2 inches ( 160 x 130 x 55 mm)

servo motor yaskawa borsak

Jual AVR Leroy Somer

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Tersedia Leroy Somer AVR for Generator

Spesifikasi :

Sensing Input
Voltage : 90 ~ 480 VAC Max, 1Phase, 2 Wire
Frequency : 50/ 60Hz
Power Input : Voltage 35 ~ 75 VAC
Output : Voltage 43 VDC
Regulation + / – 1%

AVR Leroy Somer R230,
AVR Leroy Somer R250,
AVR Leroy Somer R438,
AVR Leroy Somer R448,
AVR Leroy Somer R449,

Jual ABB Inverter

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Tersedia Inverter ABB ACS800 Series dengan range: 0.55 kW to 2, 800 kW, Supply voltage:  380-690 V ( 230 V) .
Untuk informasi stock dan harga silahkan menghubungi:
» E-mail: beyond.sales8@gmail.com

Inverter ABB ACS800-01-0003-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-01-0004-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-01-0005-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-01-0006-3
Inverter ABB ACS 800-01-0009-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-01-0011-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-01-0016-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-01-0020-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-01-0 025-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-01-0030-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-01-0040-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-01-0050-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-01-0060-3
Inverter ABB AC S800-01-0075-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-01-0100-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-01-0120-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-01-0135-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-01- 0165-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-01-0205-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-04-0140-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-04-0170-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-04-0210-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-04-0260-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-04-0320-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-04-0400-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-04-0440-3
Inverter ABB ACS800-0 4-0490-3

ABB Industrial Drive
Range: 0.55 kW to 2, 800 kW,
Series: ACS800
Supply voltage:  380-690 V ( 230 V)
Motor control method: DTC

Jual Inverter Hitachi

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Hitachi telah mengembangkan Variable Frequency Drives untuk memenuhi bermacam-macam tuntutan aplikasi mulai dari 0,2kw sampai 150kw. Inverter Hitachi tersedia dalam berbagai macam model dan kontrol vektor tanpa sensor yang canggih, dengan kopel gerak-mula yang tinggi sebesar 200% atau lebih besar pada 0,5Hz. Inverter SJ200 yang ringkas baru saja diluncurkan di Wilayah Asia yang memiliki fitur yang telah disempurnakan termasuk filter EMI terpasang, keypad yang dapat dilepas dan kontrol terminal, fungsi kontrol yang lebih baik pada kopel gerak-mula yang tinggi sebesar 200% atau lebih besar lagi pada 1 Hz.

Inverter Hitachi

WJ200 Series

1-phase 100V 0.4kW, 0.75kW
1-phase 200V 0.1 – 2.2kW
3-phase 200V 0.1 – 15kW
3-phase 400V 0.4 – 15kW


Item General Specifications
Protective housing *1 IP20
Control method Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control
Carrier frequency 2kHz to 15kHz (derating required depending on the model)
Output frequency range *4 0.1 to 400Hz
Frequency accuracy Digital command: ±0.01% of the maximum frequency
Analog command: ±0.2% of the maximum frequency (25℃ ± 10℃)
Frequency setting resolution Digital: 0.01Hz; Analog: max. frequency/1000
Volt./Freq. characteristic V/f control (constant torque, reduced torque, free-V/F): base freq. 30Hz~400Hz adjustable, Sensorless vector control, Closed loop control with motor encoder feedback
Overload capacity*9 Dual rating: CT(Heavy duty) : 60 sec. @150%
VT(Normal duty) : 60 sec. @120%
Acceleration/deceleration time 0.01 to 3600 seconds, linear and S-curve accel/decel, second accel/decel setting available
Starting torque 200% @0.5Hz (sensorless vector control)
DC braking Variable operating frequency, time, and braking force
Input signal Freq. setting Operator panel Up and Down keys / Value settings
External signal *6 0 to 10 VDC (input impedance 10k Ohms), 4 to 20mA (input impedance 100 Ohms), Potentiometer (1k to 2k Ohms, 2W)
Via network RS485 Modbus RTU, other network option
FWD/ Operator panel Run/Stop (Forward/Reverse run change by command)
REV run External signal Forward run/stop, Reverse run/stop
Via network RS485 Modbus RTU, other network option
Intelligent input terminal FW (forward run command), RV (reverse run command), CF1~CF4 (multi-stage speed setting), JG (jog command), DB (external braking), SET (set second motor), 2CH (2-stage accel./decel. command), FRS (free run stop command), EXT (external trip), USP (startup function), CS (commercial power switchover), SFT (soft lock), AT (analog input selection), RS (reset), PTC (thermistor thermal protection), STA (start), STP (stop), F/R (forward/reverse), PID (PID disable), PIDC (PID reset), UP (remote control up function), DWN (remote control down function), UDC (remote control data clear), OPE (operator control), SF1~SF7 (multi-stage speed setting; bit operation), OLR (overload restriction), TL (torque limit enable), TRQ1 (torque limit changeover1), TRQ2 (torque limit changeover2), BOK (Braking confirmation), LAC (LAD cancellation), PCLR (position deviation clear), ADD (add frequency enable), F-TM (force terminal mode), ATR (permission of torque command input), KHC (Cumulative power clear), MI1~MI7 (general purpose inputs for EzSQ), AHD (analog command hold), CP1~CP3 (multistage-position switches), ORL (limit signal of zero-return), ORC (trigger signal of zero-return), SPD (speed/position changeover), GS1,GS2 (STO inputs, safety related signals), 485 (Starting communication signal), PRG (executing EzSQ program), HLD (retain output frequency), ROK (permission of run command), EB (rotation direction detection of B-phase), DISP (display limitation), NO (no function)
Seven terminals, sink/source changeable by a short bar
68 functions assignable
Output signal Intelligent output terminal RUN (run signal), FA1~FA5 (frequency arrival signal), OL,OL2 (overload advance notice signal), OD (PID deviation error signal), AL (alarm signal), OTQ (over/under torque threshold), UV (under-voltage), TRQ (torque limit signal), RNT (run time expired), ONT (power ON time expired), THM (thermal warning), BRK (brake release), BER (brake error), ZS (0Hz detection), DSE (speed deviation excessive), POK (positioning completion), ODc (analog voltage input disconnection), OIDc (analog current input disconnection), FBV (PID second stage output), NDc (network disconnect detection), LOG1~LOG3 (Logic output signals), WAC (capacitor life warning), WAF (cooling fan warning), FR (starting contact), OHF (heat sink overheat warning), LOC (Low load), MO1~MO3 (general outputs for EzSQ), IRDY (inverter ready), FWR (forward operation), RVR (reverse operation), MJA (major failure), WCO (window comparator O), WCOI (window comparator OI), FREF (frequency command source), REF (run command source), SETM (second motor in operation), EDM (STO (safe torque off) performance monitor), OP (option control signal), NO (no function)
48 functions assignable
Monitor output (analog) Output freq., output current, output torque, output voltage, input power, thermal load ratio, LAD freq., heat sink temperature, general output (EzSQ)
Pulse train output [PWM output]
(0~10Vdc, 32kHz max.) Output freq., output current, output torque, output voltage, input power, thermal load ratio, LAD freq., heat sink temperature, general output (EzSQ)
[Pulse train output]
Output frequency, output current, pulse train input monitor
Alarm output contact ON for inverter alarm (1c contacts, both normally open or closed available.)
Other functions Free-V/f, manual/automatic torque boost, output voltage gain adjustment, AVR function, reduced voltage start, motor data selection, auto-tuning, motor stabilization control, reverse running protection, simple position control, simple torque control, torque limiting, automatic carrier frequency reduction, energy saving operation, PID function, non-stop operation at instantaneous power failure, brake control, DC injection braking, dynamic braking (BRD), frequency upper and lower limiters, jump frequencies, curve accel and decel (S, U, inversed U,EL-S), 16-stage speed profile, fine adjustment of start frequency, accel and decel stop, process jogging, frequency calculation, frequency addition, 2-stage accel/decel, stop mode selection, start/end freq., analog input filter, window comparators, input terminal response time, output signal delay/hold function, rotation direction restriction, stop key selection, software lock, safe stop function, scaling function, display restriction, password function, user parameter, initialization, initial display selection, cooling fan control, warning, trip retry, frequency pull-in restart, frequency matching, overload restriction, over current restriction, DC bus voltage AVR
Protective function Over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, brake resistor overload, CPU error, memory error, external trip, USP error, ground fault detection at power on, temperature error, internal communication error, driver error, thermistor error, brake error, safe stop, overload at low speed, modbus communication error, option error, encoder disconnection, speed excessive,  EzSQ command error, EzSQ nesting error, EzSQ execution error, EzSQ user trip
Operating environment Temperature Operating (ambient): -10 to 40℃ / Storage: -20 to 65℃(*7)
Humidity 20 to 90% humidity (non-condensing)
Vibration *8 5.9m/s2 (0.6G), 10 to 55 Hz
Location Altitude 1,000m or less, indoors (no corrosive gasses or dust)
Coating color Black
Options Remote operator unit, cables for the units, braking unit, braking resistor, AC reactor, DC reactor, EMC filter, fieldbus

NE-S1 Series

1-phase 200V 0.2 – 2.2kW
3-phase 200V 0.2 – 2.2kW


Item Specificattion
Enclosure *4 IP20
Control Control Method PWM
Output Frequency Range *5 0.5 to 400Hz
Frequency Resolution *6 Digital command: ±0.01%,
Analog command: ±0.2% (25 ± 10℃)
Frequency Setting Resolution Digital: 0.1Hz, Analog: (max frequency)/1000
Voltage/Frequency Characteristics V/f control,V/f variable (constant torque, reduced torque)
Overload Capacity 150% for 60 sec.
Accel./Decel. Time 0.00 to 3000 sec. (linear, sigmoid), two-stage accel./decel.
Carrier Frequency Range 2.0 to 15.0 kHz
Protective Functions Over-current, Over-voltage, Under-voltage, Overload, Overheat, Ground fault at power-on, Input over-voltage, External trip, Memory error, CPU error, USP error, Driver error, Output phase loss protection
Input signal Frequency setting External signal*7
0 to 10 V DC or 4 to 20 mA, RS485 interface (Modbus RTU)
Operator keypad(Option)
Up and Down keys / Value settings or analog setting via potentiometer on operator keypad
FW/RV Run Operator Keypad(Option)
Run key / Stop key(change FW/RV by function command)
External signal
FW Run/Stop(NO contact), RV set by terminal assignment(NC/NO), 3-wire input available
Serial port
RS485 interface (Modbus RTU)
Intelligent Input 5 terminals
Analog Input 1 terminal( O/OI terminal:Voltage Input 10bit/ 0 to 10V,  Current input :10bit/ 0 to 20mA selectable with switch)
Output signal Intelligent output terminal 1 terminal
Intelligent Relay Output 1c output 250V AC/ 30V DC 2.5A relay
(AL0, AL1, AL2 terminals)
Moniter output terminal 1 terminal
Communication RS-422 RJ45 connector (common to RS485: selectable with switch)
For External Keypad, for ProDriveNext
RS-485 RJ45connector (common to RS422, selectable with switch) Modbus-RTU
Other Function AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation), V/f characteristic selection, frequency upper/lower limit, 8 stage multispeed, Start Frequency Adjustment, Jogging, Carrier Frequency Adjustment, PID control, frequency jump, external frequency input bias start/end, S-curve and linear Accel/Decel, DC braking, Electronic Thermal characteristics and level adjustment, retry function, Torque Boost, trip history, Software Lock Mode, Frequency, Scaling Conversion Factor setting, USP function, 2nd motor control, UP/DOWN, OC suppression etc
Environment, etc Operating Temperatu 10 to 50℃ (derating is neeeded for 40℃ and over)
Strage Temperature 20 to 65℃ (during short period for transportation)
Humidity 20 to 90% RH
Vibration 5.9mm/s2 (0.6G) 10 to 55Hz
Location Altitude 1,000 m or less, indoors
(no corrosive gasses or dust)
Color Black
Standards UL, CE, c-UL, c-tick
Option Remote operator with copy function (WOP), Remote operator (OPE-SRmini, OPE-SR), Operator (NES1-OP), input/output reactors, DC reactors, radio noise filters, LCR filter, communication cables (ICS-1, 3)

X200 Series


SJ700 Series


L700/SJ700B Series

L700/SJ700B Series

SJH300 Series


Jual TOSHIBA Three Phase Induction Motor

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TOSHIBA World Energy Induction Motor.

Three Phase Induction Motor

Three Phase Induction Motor – TOSHIBA
4 Pole, 4 KW, Type : IK, Volt : 415Vac, 50Hz
Form : FBKW, Amp :7.8, RPM : 1420, Frame : D112M Foot Mounted
S/N : T144074364

Three Phase Induction Motor – TOSHIBA
6 Pole, 3HP. Type : FBK1, Volt : 380Vac, 50Hz
Frame : 2131C, Rpm : 955, Flange Mounted
S/N : AF78442-3

Induction Motor Induction Motor Induction Motor
Induction Motor Induction Motor

Jual Inverter TOSVERT

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[TOSHIBA inverter series]
The TOSHIBA inverter drives 3 phase induction motor at any speed
easily. The Toshiba inverter can be used for energy saving and the
other various usages.[Features of the TOSHIBA inverter]– Built-in noise filter (VF-AS1, VF-MB1, VF-PS1, VF-S15, VF-FS1)- Harmonics reduction (VF-AS1, VF-PS1 and all models of VF-FS1)- Complied with UL, CE and CSA at all series- Open field networkNote: Please refer each inverter series about details.


The VF-AS1 has outstanding Performance, including high torque, fast
response, high accuracy and excellent environmental compatibility with
easy operation.
The VF-AS1 is an advanced inverter evolved to satisfy all your needs in
one comprehensive product.

[Input voltage/Capacity range]

3ph 200V 0.4 to 75kW

3ph 400V 0.75 to 500kW

Tosvert VF-MB1




[Input voltage/Capacity range]

1ph 200V 0.2 to 2.2kW

3ph 400V 0.4 to 15kW

    • For fan and pump


A convenient special function (energy saving and automatic drive) for
fan pump is installed, and the capacity range up to 630kW.
The VF-PS1 has several building network with optional board.

[Input voltage/Capacity range]

3ph 200V 0.4 to 90kW

3ph 400V 0.75 to 630kW

3ph 400V 0.75 to 90kW (IP54) etc…


The VF-S15 series can widely use it from fan pump to the transportation machine and the machine tool.

[Input voltage/Capacity range]

1ph 200V 0.2 to 2.2kW

3ph 200V 0.2 to 15kW

3ph 400V 0.4 to 15kW

    • For HVAC


Reactor-less harmonics reduction and high-frequency noise reduction by Toshiba specific technology.
The VF-FS1 series is the best inverter for fan and pump of air-conditioning.

[Input voltage/Capacity range]

3ph 200V 0.4 to 30kW

3ph 400V 0.4 to 75kW

3ph 400V 0.75 to 75kW (IP54)

    • Compact, simple


The wide range of functions of the VF-nC3 meets various users’ needs, from simple speed control to steady torque at low speed.
The vertical contact-type main circuit terminal board and captive screws also ensure easy wiring.

[Input voltage/Capacity range]

1ph 100V 0.1 to 0.75kW

1ph 200V 0.1 to 2.2kW

3ph 200V 0.1 to 3.7kW

Optional devices

AC reactor

DC reactor

Braking resistor etc.

There are some kinds of optional device.
The AC reactor and the DC reactor are effective to reduce harmonics.
The braking resistor is discharged of regenerating power from a motor.

Harmonic suppression converter: SC7

Regenerating converter: RC7



    • Compact

VF-S11 Series

The VF-S11 series can widely use it from fan pump to the transportation machine and the machine tool.
The enclosure model (IP54) is prepared.

[Input voltage/Capacity range]

1ph 200V 0.2 to 2.2kW

3ph 200V 0.2 to 15kW

3ph 400V 0.4 to 15kW

Yaskawa Inverter

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AC Drive, Inverter, AC Servo Motor, Controllers, Magnetic Contactor and electrical equipment

yaskawa_inverter_j1000drive yaskawa_a1000_inverter yaskawa_inverter_vsmini yaskawae7inverter

AC Drive Varispeed :

  • G7 Inverter CIMR-G7A (200V from 0.4kW to 110kW, 400V from 0.4kW to 300kW)
  • F7 Inverter CIMR-F7A (200V from 0.4kW to 110kW, 400V from 0.4kW to 300kW)
  • P7 Inverter CIMR-P7A (200V from 0.4kW to 110kW, 400V from 0.4kW to 300kW)

YASKAWA Inverter :

F7 Series Commercial HVAC Series VF-S7
G7 Series VF-A5
P7 Series E7 Series V1000
V7 Series E7C Series Configured A1000
V7N Series E7L Series Bypass VS mini J7
V74X Series E7B Series Bypass V7 Series
J7 Series E7E Series Engineered
VS mini DriveWizard Software
Drive Wizard Software P5 Series 600 Volt
G5HHP Series
G5 Series 600 Volt
P5 Series 600 Volt

Yaskawa A1000 Inverter

Yaskawa Inverter A1000 is a disc that was designed for operations with cooling fan, very easy maintenance and the ability to survive up to 10 years. A1000 is Features security standard requirements for security and convenience, reliable operation.
– Easy set-up ( plug and play)
– Functional safety features
– Enhanced efficiency
– Reduced audible noise
– Improved design & functions
– Permanent magnet motor control
– Unrivaled reliability

Yaskawa VS mini Drive

Yaskawa Inverter VS mini Drive is available in 1/ 8 through 1 HP models, for 115 VAC single-phase input, with a 230 VAC, 3-phase output for conventional induction motors. Although small in size, the VS mini offers power and versatility for a wide range of applications including material handling, packaging, mixing, pumping, commercial wash machines, recreation equipment ( treadmills) , overhead doors and general industrial applications.

Yaskawa Inverter J1000 Drive

Yaskawa J1000 is a world-class compact variable frequency drive that defines a new world standard. Demands for efficient production and better maintainability are on the rise, spurred by global competition. Yaskawa drives have earned a reputation for high performance, high functionality, and high quality.

Yaskawa E7 Varispeed Inverter

Yaskawa Inverter E7 Varispeed is perfectly with any application, especially HVAC applications. Inverter E7 minimize noise levels during operation and function of specific HVAC makes Inverter E7 become the first choice because it is very appropriate for refrigeration, pumps, etc.

Yaskawa Inverter E7 function to conserve energy and reduce energy use automatically and can easily be adapted for example temperature, flow or pressure ( also pressure differential) control.

Features & Functions

• Reliable energy saving function
• Low noise operation
• Suppression of harmonic distortion
• Simple to operate
• Clear hierarchies
• Quick programming
• Modified Parameters
• Easy maintenance
• Conformity with global standards for worldwide use
• Global fieldbus standards

Yaskawa F7 Inverter

Yaskawa Inverter F7 drive is the Industrial Workhorse of adjustable frequency drives. It is intended to handle every conventional drive application found in the typical industrial manufacturing plant from simple variable torque pumping to sophisticated networked material handling. With excellent performance and a wide array of configurations and options, the F7 can be the single drive platform for an entire facility. Network communications, plug-in I/ O cards, custom software, and power/ packaging options are among the many choices.
For new installations or retrofits, the F7 is truly the Industrial Workhorse, perfect for every conventional application… and even some unconventional ones.

Yaskawa Inverter F7 / Configured package provides an F7 drive in a NEMA Type 12 or NEMA 12 FVFF enclosure, with space for factory-mounted and wired options, such as reactors, filters, circuit breakers, fuses, network communications and I/ O cards, etc.

Yaskawa Inverter G7

Yaskawa Inverter G7 has the world’ s first 400V 3-level inverter architecture that eliminates or minimises the installation problems associated with IGBT switching ( very long cable lengths, bearing currents and common-mode currents) and protects the entire motor-drive system. The G7 can be programmed using DriveWorksEZ™ . This is a PC-based, object-orientated, user-friendly, graphical icon programming tool.
• 3-level control reduces voltage peaks on motor windings by up to 50% . There is no need for an AC reactor on long motor cables.
• Flux-vector control. Excellent performance in open-loop mode with 150% torque at 0.3Hz.
• Silent operation. No current de-rating in silent mode ( high carrier frequency)
• Wide selection of option cards: fieldbus, PLC unit, Mechatrolink, analogue and digital I/ Os, etc.
• Programming software: CX-drive for parameter configuration.


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